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HomeAbout UsFeatures & BenefitsOur Location & MapWhy Us?

Mike Burgett, CPA
Program of Services at a fee you will be happy to pay!

3.  Includes Ongoing Tax Consultation
5.  Costs based on what you need done, not
       consulting to see if you can do something
4.  Tax Planning that includes recommended
       W-4 and W4-P so you do not get to the
       end of the year and owe income taxes
1.  Tax Preparation guaranteed to save you the
      most tax and get you the largest refund
2.  A licensed tax preparer who will be
      available in your neighborhood all year
      for your convenience
6.  Dependent's tax returns done and e-filed
      free with every tax preparation!  Merely
      bring their W2's when you bring your tax
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